Undertaker’s Daughter

“Wow, just wow!”

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There is no salvation without damnation…

A murderous ghost. A mysterious ghost hunter. An ambitious undertaker. Who will win this desperate battle?

London, 1888. A city in fear of rampaging ghosts. Keeping them under control are vigilante ghost hunters and the venerable Undertakers Guild.

A killer ghost threatens to foil Miss Virginia Grimm’s ambition to join the family undertakers. With her career and life at stake she is forced into an alliance with a rogue ghost hunter. But Sinclair has his own agenda and Virginia isn’t going to like it one little bit.

Together they need to defend London from grave danger. But can she trust him or will he betray her?

Get lost in this action-packed Victorian fantasy filled with angels, demons, murderous ghosts and just a dash of romance.

For fans of C J Archer, Charlie N Holmberg, Cassandra Clare, William Ritter and Kerri Maniscalco.

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Driven to Death

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For its launch, Driven to Death is just 99 cents. Grab this easy to read on the run novel today at this bargain price. Ideal for fans of of Tami Hoag, Harlen Coben, Victor Methos and James Patterson’s Bookshots.

Would you save your daughter’s killer?

When Evie Butterworth faces every parent’s nightmare, the death of her daughter, the police are brought in to determine whether it was murder. Heading the investigation is NYPD homicide detective Bex Wynter. Abandoning her own train wreck of a life she becomes head of a new investigative team in a brand new country. But not everyone welcomes an American to the London Met. Quinn Standing has a hard time dealing with the failures piling up in his life, and an even harder time adjusting to his new boss.

As her team peels back the layers to discover what really happened at Richmond Bridge, pressure builds from the media, the killer’s high profile father and Bex’s tragic past. Will she be able to shake off her demons to bring justice to light?

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