Lies & Betrayal

Lies & Betrayal released on 5 June

I’m really pleased to announce that for its launch week, Lies & Betrayal will be at the special low price of just 99cents because I want as many fans as possible the opportunity to grab a copy. Early readers have called it “engrossing”, “gripping” and “one hell of a book.” Check it out on Amazon.

Take a look at the cover for my new novel in the Heirs series: Lies & Betrayal

Due out at the beginning of June, so keep an eye out because it will be launched for the special low price of 99cents, before returning to normal pricing.

Will betrayal drive them apart or bind them together?

1950s New York. Is it an era of innocence and hope or lies and deception?

A daughter longs for her father’s love and approval even as she comes to face the reality that he’s no longer her hero. Determined to live life on her own terms and on the fast track to success, Leigh risks everything only to find her world falling apart around her.

Life can change in a moment. Fated to live in obscurity until her path crosses the complex and charismatic Vice Presidential hopeful, Alex Cassidy, Nikki finds herself fighting shadows as she’s suddenly thrust into a high-powered world of secrets and duplicity.

From a friendship forged at school, two young women’s lives entwine in unexpected ways through this twisting tale of family dynamics. Searching for love and trust, are they destined to find only lies and betrayal?